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Description of Online Event

Are you someone who is interested in the tech industry but not sure where to start? Linux4Hope is hosting an online event to help individuals who would like to enter the tech industry. The online event will consist of panelist from various backgrounds, sharing their unique stories, as well as tips and advice in entering the field. You will learn about some useful resources to help you succeed in the the tech industry. If you would like to have the opportunity to have your questions answered about the tech industry, register for our online event!

When is the Online Event?

The event will be held on Saturday, October 15, 2022 and will be from 10:00am - 11:30am PDT . The online event will be held on Google Meets. Please register by October 8th, 2022.

Meet the Panelists

Jaylen Wimbish

My name is Jaylen and I am currently a DevOps & Software Engineer at the City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency (ITA). Prior to working at ITA, I was a Software Engineer at a networking and IoT company named Lantronix. My interest grew in tech back in high school when I was introduced to Ubuntu and Python. From there I found myself working on personal projects ranging from application development to managing my servers at home and in the cloud, attending Hackathons with my friends, and pursuing a minor in Computer Science while majoring in Physics. Once I graduated from college I knew a career in tech was for me. Currently, outside of tech I am usually spending time with family and friends, learning more about personal finances and investing, playing videogames, and trying to find the next cool hiking trail, restaurant, and experiences in LA or cities abroad.




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Marian Nguyen

My name is Marian Nguyen and I’m a software engineer working in the defense industry. I went to college at CSULB with a major in Physics and Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. Upon graduating, I knew I wanted to work in the defense industry and I started my career with Northrop Grumman working on a missile program called AARGM-ER. After 2 years with NGC, I moved out to Fort Worth, Texas to work at Lockheed Martin under Skunk Works.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time going on new adventures with my corgis Zero and Zidane.


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Michael Botsko

I am currently a Software Engineer III at an EdTech company, 2U. I started at 2U after they acquired my former employer, CritiqueIt - a startup that created annotation software for education platforms. I've been interested in technology for most of my life, but I first started learning to code through courses offered at my high school and then proceeded to major in computer science in college. While in college, I enjoyed participating in the campus chapter of ACM and hackathons, eventually leading me to direct the first hackathon for my university, BeachHacks. In my free time I enjoy hiking, playing tabletop games, and reading.

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Cherie Woo

Hello, my name is Cherie, and I used to major in Art. I had an art portfolio, art obsession as long as I could remember, admission to private art colleges, and I went to community college, unsure of what I wanted to do.

I am currently a Software Engineer at Meta. I've previously worked at a bioinformatics start-up, financial tech start-up, and freelancing company. I've held the engineering position in a mobile app development team, back-end team, front-end team, one-woman team, and infrastructure team. I've committed code for businesses in C#, Bash, SQL, Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS; and I solve programming problems in Java.

I am still working on finding my work-life balance, but the hobbies I currently have at the top of my list are: streaming video games, designing my living environment, and maintaining my friendships.

GitHub: cheriejw - Overview



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Anthony Williams

I am currently an iOS Engineer at Doordash, based out of Los Angeles. Prior to working at Doordash, I worked as an iOS Engineer at Slack before starting a software business that ended up reaching over 380 businesses before shutting down. I got into software engineering when I started my first business in college, a t-shirt business. I taught myself to code, changed my major to computer science and eventually moved to San Francisco to give myself the best opportunity to continue to learn. Outside of work, I'm playing basketball, working on another business or hanging with friends and family.


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Liam Gogley

I am a hardware/systems engineering professional with a background centered in aerospace/defense industries, and more recently commercial electronics. My introduction to Linux and tech started freshman year of high school, where I began building solder kit electronics and exploring various Linux distros on my laptop. From this experience, I gravitated towards simple C++ programming, and eventually a few novice robot projects through various websites such as Instructables and Hackaday. From this, my interest led to a formal education in Computer Engineering at my University. Outside of my profession I strive for a good work/life balance, I enjoy bouldering, learning bass guitar, cooking, traveling, and exploring personal projects involving electronics or computing.


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Meet the Host

Kaylen Wimbish

I am Kaylen Wimbish and I am the secretary for Linux4Hope. I currently work at a nonprofit promoting social skills and community immersion to individuals with disabilities. I am also pursing a career in Nursing. For fun, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, watching the latest movies, playing videogames, going to amusement parks, hiking, and traveling.

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